Project work

First of all briefly to the project work: the project work is an extensive scientific task. She is special in her requirements and her form. It serves the purpose of examining study achievements and to teach one the group work. When writing you should be able to use theoretical foundations, edit them with scientific instruments and research in practical problems. Sometimes the project work is counted as a type of examination because it is considered as admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis. With the project work you get a research basis for the diploma thesis.

Many students have difficulty writing this type of work. Firstly, you have to be very well versed in the subject, because it is about a research with significant results, which are also to be evaluated. Secondly, this is a team effort to use your teamwork skills. Third, consider the scientific form. It is about the right parts: content, introduction, body, conclusion, citation, existing attachments, glossary, bibliography, etc. The form of the design is not free, it is given depending on the university.

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A project work is a typical academic work. The page number of such a work depends on the type, field of study and university and can be from 20 to 40 pages. A work in medicine in Marburg would of course differ significantly from one in Jura in Cologne. That’s why every university has its own templates and guidelines on how to write. These guidelines are followed by the ghostwriter. He or she will also follow the highest academic standards and write your thesis qualitatively. After all votes the topic will be discussed. If you do not have a topic yet, we will help you to find a topic. Continue to the literature search and discussion of the structure. After all organizational aspects have been worked out in detail, you start to write. A finished work usually consists of:

  • • Cover sheet
  • • Contents
  • • Introduction
  • • Bulk
  • • Conclusion
  • • Bibliography
  • • Append (if available)

Standardized formatting

  • Side edge: top / bottom 2cm each, left 3cm, right 2cm
  • Page numbers: bottom centered / right, on cover page / table of contents no page number
  • Font size and type in body text: 12 Pt Arial or Times New Roman
  • Line spacing: 1.5 lines
  • Chapter headings: 14 Pt bold, then two lines apart
  • Subheadings: 12 pt bold, then one line apart
  • Footnote text: 10 Pt justified, 1,0-line, raised

More tips

This work takes a lot of time. On the one hand you have to do research, on the other hand you have to share tasks with other group members and then bring them together. Plan the writing process very responsibly. Formatting and proofreading are also to be considered. The work should not be too long, so be prepared to bring your thoughts to a few pages. Start in advance. Make the writing process as continuous as possible.

Technical side of the thing often causes many problems. You never know what can happen to the technique, so it’s a good idea to cache the text and make an extra copy.

Maintain the strictness of the work. Find the right balance between verbosity and brief emphasis on individual passages in the text. Make yourself a checkpoint: sometimes ask yourself whether the writing serves to clarify the question and the main idea does not deviate. As for the language of the work, avoid phrases and flourishes. Always stick to the limit of the circumference. Look for short and precise formulations. Unknown foreign words are very crafty, you better look them up in the dictionary.

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Project work is usually written in application-related subjects, such as Computer science, IT science, mathematics, economics, etc. They consist roughly of problem analysis and result presentation, which are developed within a working group. As a rule, one is prepared for a project. Before that you write homework, various essays and scientific texts that also allow you to gain a lot of experience. So you can bring your own formulations on paper. However, if you lack knowledge, our ghostwriters will help you. They are competent, experienced and knowledgeable. You can easily share your tasks with them and thus reduce your own performance and deadline pressure.

Imagine your text in smaller parts and delegate some of them. You decide for yourself what you would rather do and what the author should do. You can also hand over the whole task, that’s no problem.

Anyway, after completing the text you should ask another person for proofreading. This can be a ghostwriter. It is psychologically proven that after intense study of a subject you lose the sense of objectivity and are unable to see the mistakes. You can no longer decide whether the text is comprehensible. These two aspects have a big effect on the final score. Let a friend or an expert read the finished product and give his feedback. Our ghostwriters would immediately recognize and eliminate grammatical and stylistic imperfections. They also look at the rigor and coherence of your argument, the logical structure and the red thread of the work. What is still very important is a correct citation. If you forget a source used, the corresponding place in the text is considered plagiarism. Our authors treat this question carefully and responsibly. That’s what they do regardless of subject area and topic. Let yourself be advised by the best to achieve the highest result. Our authors accompany the work process completely, document partial work steps or help you to submit the project work on time.

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